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10 Facts About Hemp Oil Dosages Everyone Should Know


Jan 18, 2022
10 Facts About Hemp Oil Dosages Everyone Should Know
10 Facts About Hemp Oil Dosages Everyone Should Know


Hemp oil can provide health benefits for both humans and animals when taken properly. It can be used as an effective natural moisturizer for hair and skin. It relieves skin irritation and itchiness, which helps shield the skin against wrinkles and negative aging effects. Hemp oil encourages healthy nail growth, excellent heart health (perhaps in association to how it aids with pain- and anxiety-relief and serves as a sleep aid), is an effective antioxidant, improves mood and is useful in treating depression, balances hormones, and provides multiple healthy fatty acids which encourage healthy brain and immune system.


Now for the facts about dosage the reader has been waiting for.

  1. Although hemp oil has health benefits for both animals and humans, the dosage of oil for a human who is experiencing negative health conditions will not be the same for a dog suffering from the same issue, and the dosage for a human or a dog will differ very greatly from the hemp oil dosage needed for a horse suffering from joint pain or insomnia!
  1. Hemp oil is used as a treatment for many conditions, and health professionals only continue to discover more uses and benefits of the natural medication with each passing day. This being said, the hemp oil, like any prescription medication, is only effective when ingested in the proper dosage.
  1. It’s unlikely that hemp oil will result in any negative or harmful effects if too much is taken at once, but even so, it is recommended to take low amounts of oil when the user first starts out and doesn’t yet know exactly how much he/she needs to obtain health benefits or how he/she reacts to different dosages.
  1. Unlike most sleep/pain meds, hemp oil doesn’t have a set dosage level; the amount a person should take does not hinge on weight or age. It is recommended by Fuctional Remedies.com that the user starts with low dosages so as to build up a tolerance against any side effects and then work their way up, seeing what dosage induces health benefits and relieves their unpleasant symptoms. Every user will require a different dosage for their individual condition, and there are general guidelines to follow (Fuctional Remedies.com has advice on finding a proper dosage for you) but at the end of the day, it is up to personal experimentation to find the perfect dosage for any individual.
  1. What happens if the dosage of hemp oil taken is too low? Nothing horrible; the user just won’t attain the desired health benefits.
  1. What happens if/when the user ingests a larger dosage of hemp oil than needed? Again, nothing horrible. The user would need to ingest a pretty massive amount of hemp oil before they begin to notice any negative effects.
  1. Like all medications, hemp oil may have some side effects. Nothing like the typical vomiting or suicidal thoughts, though; usually the user will notice sleepiness within an hour of the first time he/she ingests the oil, but this usually subsides after lying down for a couple of minutes. If the sleepiness persists, the user may want to consider taking a lower dosage.
  1. While hemp oil dosage advice and information can be found online, it is a good idea to talk to your doctor or a health professional to help determine whether you should use hemp oil, how much to use, and how often.
  1. Hemp oil comes in capsules and oral syringes. The syringes help to keep a small dosage for easy portability and are useful for keeping track of how much the user has taken and how much oil is left.
  1.   a great place to find out more information about determining the hemp oil dosage you should take.

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