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6 Best Traditional Rakhi for Raksha Bandhan 2021!!


Jan 18, 2022

No connection can equal the beauty of one of the closest and strong bonds ever: sibling relationships are solely built on care and compassion. The tanginess and mischief of their disputes about stupid matters are an enjoyable part of the sibling’s connection. And the beauty of their excellent care and devotion for one another makes this connection deeper and brighter. When the festival of Raksha Bandhan approaches, it is not only the sisters that become enthralled but also the brothers. You have every opportunity to make your dear sibling happy on the auspicious rakhi day. Buying online rakhi for brother and unique and stunning gift is easy and reliable with a trusted online rakhi shop. If you desire to purchase meaningful and well-designed rakhi for your brother, you can order traditional rakhi online. Traditional rakhis are always a significant part of the rakhi ceremony.

Below are some of the beautiful traditional rakhis that you can buy for your dear brother for the upcoming Rakhi celebration:

Kundan Rakhi

If you desire to tie a traditional and unique rakhi on your brother’s wrist, then Kundan rakhi must be your choice. Kundan is a gemstone from India that means “purified gold.” Kundan work is a classic Indian artwork that involves elaborate and complex craftwork. Kundan Rakhi has divine significance and is available in various enticing and unique styles to stay up with the latest Rakhi trends.

Mauli Rakhi

During Religious traditions, a holy red and yellow thread is known as Mauli or Kalava is knotted around the hand. The color yellow indicates spiritual power, whereas the color red intensifies it. The most important aspect is to receive God’s mercies. Thus, Mauli rakhi has the same meaning and is one of the classic Rakhi types for receiving God’s graces and keeping negative thoughts and ideas at a distance.

Rudraksha Rakhi

Rudraksha is closely linked with Lord Shiva and is thought to protect all the bad energy. Rudraksha is a powerful relic that carries mythical and holy power. A Rudraksha Rakhi protects the wearer from misdeeds and protects them from immoral and impious ideas. If you want to send religious rakhi to your dear Bhai living far away from you, this rakhi is a great choice. And if you wish to send something delicious with your rakhi, you can buy rakhi with sweets online. Your brother will be happy to see traditional rakhi with sweet.

Sandalwood Rakhi

Sandalwood is recognized as Chandan in Sanskrit and is an essential part of Ayurveda. Pure Chandan is used to cleanse the atmosphere and to honor Lord Shiva in religious ceremonies. Goddess Lakshmi is also said to reside in the sandalwood tree. For your beloved brother, this rakhi will be perfect. Chandan rakhi is considered to be pure and valuable. Buy Sandalwood rakhi for approaching rakhi occasions since one way to draw closer to God and receive their graces is to wear a sandalwood rakhi.

 Zardosi Rakhi

If you wish to buy a traditional plus attractive rakhi for the rakhi ceremony, Zardosi Rakhi can be your lovely choice. Zardosi is an embroidery technique that uses gold and silver threads. Zardosi rakhi is a gleaming and elegant rakhi made of gold studded thread. Since the beginning of the Mughal dynasty, Zardosi artwork has been a part of Indian culture. So, buy this culturally rich rakhi for your dear sibling.

Swastik Rakhi

One of the best traditional rakhis that you can buy for your sibling is Swastik Rakhi. Since the Vedic time, Swastika has been used as a god sign in Indian tradition. Purification and holiness are associated with the symbol. The Rakhi motif is related to Goddess Lakshmi and other gods, and it represents best wishes, prosperity, tranquility, and pleasure. With traditional rakhi, if you want to send something interesting to your beloved brother, you can buy rakhi with chocolates online, he will surely be delighted with your surprise.

For the Raksha Bandhan ceremony, there are many different varieties of rakhi, each with its own set of good charms and blessings. Above mentioned rakhi types, on the other hand, are the way to go if you’re seeking traditional rakhi kinds that want to stick to rituals! Rakhi.in will offer you the highest quality traditional rakhi at a reasonable price, provided by a dependable online rakhi delivery service.

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