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Best Medicinal Plants That Help You Boost Your Immunity And Fight Covid-19


Jan 21, 2022


Well, now we all are aware of the fact of how important it is in present times to keep ourselves healthy and our immune system strong. In the wake of covid-19, it becomes essentially important to boost our immunity so that it doesn’t harm our body. While there are various medicines and drinks in the market that help boost our immunity, ancient medical science has stated that plant extracts could do wonders when it comes to strengthening the body. Well, this is undoubtedly true! The best way to boost your immunity in a way that it doesn’t harm your body is to switch to the miraculous solutions of Ayurveda.

Here is a list of amazing medicinal plants that help you fight covid-19 by boosting your immunity and keeping you healthy.

Moringa: This plant can ward off many health complications and is your go-to herb for immunity during covid-19. This plant contains seven times more vitamin C than even oranges which is the chief nutrient that our body needs for immunity. The plant also contains some other vital nutrients that strengthen your cells, muscles and tissues and help in healing your body. The plant also has high levels of potassium, iron, calcium and amino acids required by our body.

Neem: This plant is known for its immunity-boosting properties since time immemorial. This plant keeps our body safe from the attack of harmful pathogens and its anti-viral, antibacterial and antifungal properties help keep us strong. Neem also helps keep our body clean and purifies the blood by flushing away toxins, thus strengthening our immunity and keeping us safe from covid-19.

Tulsi: Surely a wonder herb, tulsi has aromatic leaves that help fight against covid-19. A powerful germicide, this medicinal plant is known for its phytochemicals and antioxidants that effectively locate germs, viruses and bacteria that enter our body and help destroy them completely. Thoroughly chewing tulsi leaves in the morning can help in boosting your immunity.

Ginger: An age-old remedy for cold and flu, ginger is yet another magical herb effective against covid-19. Ginger contains gingerol, an antioxidant that can power up our immune system and keep us healthy. Ginger also helps kill viruses and is particularly good in preventing respiratory tract infections. You can have ginger by adding it to your tea or food or have it raw in small quantities.

Turmeric: Consuming turmeric daily in food or milk can help boost your immunity and keep you strong against coronavirus. Turmeric contains curcumin, a phytochemical that can remove toxins from your body and strengthen your immune system to fight germs and bacteria. Turmeric also helps heal wounds faster and keep your body immune against any external viruses.

Ashwagandha: An adaptogen, Ashwagandha decreases stress levels and lowers your immune response and makes the body vulnerable to viral infections. To reduce the risk of coronavirus infection, it is important to consume this herb in small quantities and keep yourself strong.

The best and most effective remedy to fight the covid-19 virus is to switch to these medicinal plants, which boost our immune system and protect us from all types of harmful viruses in our body.

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