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Cosmetic Treatments That Actually Work


Feb 11, 2022

Cosmetic procedures have been really embraced by a huge population, but there are still some who are on the fence and not quite convinced of the results. Like anything, there is a great range in the cosmetic services on offer and the providers who perform them, so it is hard to judge one treatment in isolation. As fans of the industry, we have put together a list of cosmetic treatments that actually work as they say they do with tangible results. Let’s find out what they are.

Mesotherapy Hair Treatment

Hair loss is an unfortunate fact of life for some men and women, but it doesn’t have to be necessary. Mesotherapy hair treatment in Melbourne involves injecting the scalp with the right minerals and vitamins that promote cell repair, working to gently resurface hair follicles. By using medical grade equipment and a nourishing approach to cell regeneration, you can expect good results from this procedure. Men may look into this when their hair starts to thin, and women who have lost hair post-partum or due to another condition can also see great results.

Lip Flip

If you have always wanted more plump and defined lips but are afraid of using filler, then a lip flip might be a good alternative. A lip flip is done in such a short amount of time (usually about 15 minutes) and uses a very small amount of Botox. The Botox is injected into the Cupid’s bow, causing the lip to relax and ‘flip’ outwards so that it appears fuller. Unlike other procedures that use Botox, this is really quite affordable as you are typically charged for the amount of Botox you use and a lip flip is such a minor injection. In addition to working as it says it will, it really looks natural too.

Laser Hair Removal

Some might not put laser hair removal in the ‘cosmetic’ category, but it is. Laser hair removal is so effective in lasering the root hair follicle which is absorbed by the melanin in the hair, converts to heat and damages the sac that produces hair. Typically laser hair removal will require about three to five sessions so that the continuous laser exposure can do the damage needed so that the hair follicles cease to produce hair. One thing to note is that you should not be exposing the skin that had laser treatment to the sun as you will be more vulnerable to sunburn and skin scarring.


Microdermabrasion is typically an entry-level cosmetic treatment as it is not very invasive, affordable and offers great results. It involves the face being sanded with an instrument to remove the thick and uneven layer of skin, revealing new and smooth skin underneath. In addition to making your skin look brighter and healthier, it can actually be used to treat sun damage, stretch marks, discolouration and even some light scarring. Simply put, you are removing the top layer of skin so that you can uncover fresher, younger skin.

Cosmetic Tattooing

Cosmetic tattooing can look unbelievable when done by a reputable cosmetic nurse and tattooist, or it can look too bold and dramatic if applied too heavy-handed. Women will get cosmetic tattooing under their natural eyebrows to reinforce the colour and shape, saving you from having to apply a brow pencil every day. It can also be applied to the waterline of the eye and the top[ of the eye where the eyelashes meet skin. A sign that you have done it perfectly is if no one knows you have any cosmetic tattooing, as subtle is what you are after.

Always do your own research when considering cosmetic treatments and consult with a doctor or clinician before you embark on any invasive procedures. We would love to hear which of these treatments you have tried and loved.

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