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Five Tips for a Serial Entrepreneur Entering a New Industry


Feb 27, 2022


The term “serial entrepreneur” isn’t a very common word. But gradually, I believe that some people are built for that kind of trade. So, first of all, what is the exact meaning of the term serial entrepreneur? A serial entrepreneur is an entrepreneur who comes up with new ideas one after another and begins new business ventures as opposed to the typical entrepreneur who works on a single idea for a lifetime.

Serial entrepreneurs often work on an idea and get things started, but when the business idea gets successful, they give responsibility to someone else and move on to a new idea and a new business venture. Although starting a new business in a new industry is difficult, following certain success tips can lead to new heights of achievement.

When a serial entrepreneur finally has success in one business, you will be able to easily translate what you have learned into a new business.  Starting a new business is very challenging. It is very difficult to leave the comfort of a thriving business and to move into a new business in a new industry. Here are a few tips that help serial entrepreneurs enter a new industry.

Serial Entrepreneur Works with People and Partners

Most entrepreneurs are aware of their limitations. Like they only work on a single idea. Very often, entrepreneurs start various businesses in different industries. Like Elon Musk started working in different industries like the automotive industry, fintech industry, space industry, and so on.

Another example is Amine Larhrib DLTify, a serial entrepreneur with broad experience in cryptocurrency and blockchain-based technology, as well as traditional banking. Amine Larhrib CRD Network is a suite of apps built on hyperledger Besu, which uses the Ethereum blockchain, making the infrastructure flexible enough that institutions and individuals can interact with DeFi and build apps on top of it.

Naturally, it would be impossible for anyone to know every field. However, this thing cannot hinder them from changing their plan. Instead, they work with the skilled and experts in that field to make their business successful. When you look at the serial entrepreneurs, you come to know that they don’t start it alone. They hire skilled and experts in that field to run their business successfully.

Apart from the partnership with others to build a new business, serial entrepreneurs also need someone to look after their business. It is very difficult to manage two to three companies daily, so they hire people of the relevant field and skills to run the business successfully.

A good entrepreneur will do well in any business if he has the right team around him. So before entering a new industry, a serial entrepreneur must have a team of expert and skilled people.

Utilize Platform and Pay Others

If you are going to start a new business, then you need this key to survive. The internet revolution has created very ease within different industries. Freelancers and internet platforms are becoming the norm, especially in the fields of marketing and social media management. The proliferation of the internet has digitized business processes. So now people are thinking of employing a full-time IT staff at the start of a new business.

Running a business is not easy. So, the entrepreneurs are platforms and freelancers to automate various tasks and to decrease their workload. The internet provides hundreds of platforms that can automate various tasks.

Do Things Different

Before starting a new business, you need to make sure that the things with your idea no one owns. You have to make sure that your idea should be unique. If you are going to start a new venture, make sure that your idea is of some worth and not something familiar. Do not compromise on uniqueness. Always do things differently.

Time Management and Adaptation

Good time management and quick adaptation to new things and ideas is an important tool to success. A serial entrepreneur must be better at time management than the average entrepreneur. Quick adaptation to things is very important for a serial entrepreneur.

The chances of things getting wrong are very high in entrepreneurship. When you are going to start a business in entirely a new field or industry, the chances of failure are very high. So, serial entrepreneurs have to accept failure. Never fear failure.

Create Firm Structure to Maintain Focus

Another important factor in getting success in the new field is to focus on your plan or strategy. Create a firm structure for your venture or make a perfect plan. Before starting a new business in an industry, get some knowledge about that field or hire some expert people in that field to make your plan successful. You need to create a proper system that allows you to develop new ideas and implement your business plans.


Starting a business is difficult and time taking, but once they get success with that business, they put all their efforts into it. All you need to do is just focus on your plan and strategy to make your plan successful.

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