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How to Mix and Match your Graphic Tees


Jan 13, 2022
How to Mix and Match your Graphic Tees
How to Mix and Match your Graphic Tees

However, graphic shirts can be very hard to wear when it comes to pairing them with our regular formal clothes. Here are a few tips on how you can pair your graphic t-shirts with other clothes to make yourself look cool and stylish.

Style Tees With Straight Jeans

Graphic tees give you the best vibe when you wear them with straight jeans. It will rock your look when matched with high-waisted jeans and a few cool accessories like earrings, nose rings, or pendants. For seasons like summer and spring, it is the best ready-to-go outfit.

Half long boots or sneakers will look wonderful as well with graphic t-shirts on classic jeans. To add more spice to your outfit, wear colored lens sunglasses, according to your face type.

Pair With Blazers

Wearing graphic t-shirts with an oversized blazer is best suited for professional meetings. If you are heading to any casual party, you can wear this combination of blazer and graphic t-shirts with shorts, as it will make you look cool. While matching shoes for this outfit, sneakers and casual shoes with socks would be the better option. However, you can try it on double-toned heels too.

Tuck Tees In With Wide Jeans

Try mixing your graphic tees with wide denim pants or trousers. It may not sound fashionable, but once you wear this outfit, you will savor it as one of your favorite collections.

Wearing a tucked t-shirt with wide jeans at the bottom with a neutral color shoulder bag will give you a bold and trendy look. Over tees, you can also try leopard print or leather jackets. In addition to this, sharp-pointed heels will look more sophisticated and fancy.

Pair It With Power Suits

If you want to go in a bossy look, tuck in the graphic t-shirts on a power suit. Pairing these two will bring a disciplined vibe to your classic look. While wearing a simple white graphic t-shirt, you must go for the colorful power suit of matte color.

In order to make it look more colorful and stylish, you can match this outfit with thick-soled fancy shoes. Even kitten heels will work well on such a combination.

Mix T-shirts With Skirts

The other way to wear graphic tees in an effortless way is that you can mix and pair them with delicate skirts. You must choose a skirt, which is flowy and long-lined; otherwise, it will stick to your body and will not meet your expectations.

Skirts are the most comfortable dress which you can wear. You can choose any printed skirt or plain shaded skirt that will make your day good. This mixture of dresses never goes out of style, and you can try almost every design, from floral to solid collections.

Oversized Graphic Tees With Shorts

The combination of oversized graphic t-shirts with sports shorts is the comfiest outfit. This combo will give you cool trendy vibes in a very effortless manner. If you try this combo with fishnet socks and tactical boots, it will enhance your whole attire.

Thus, for this outfit, always remember to buy an oversized tee. This gives a casual as well as fancy look. You can match them with trendy watches and long pendants. A loosely tied pony will rock your overall appearance.

Try Graphic Tees With Tracksuits

If you think that tracksuits cannot go with fancy tees, then you are absolutely wrong. You can pair your graphic tees with tracksuits, and this combo has come up with an athleisure trend. This trend is widely accepted by the audience, and they are more appealing than any other outfit. Moreover, try matching them with your sport or gym shoes to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal.

Graphic tees are so versatile that you can wear them with other combinations you prefer. You just need to make sure that it suits you and not just following some trend. Just because other people are wearing them, it doesn’t mean it will suit you too. All the aforementioned fashion tips can help you wear your graphic tees with any regular outfit. Always remember to follow them to look elegant and attractive at all times.

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