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Tautomerism – Sorts, Traits and Examples


Mar 14, 2022


Tautomerism is a phenomenon wherein a single chemical compound exists in two or extra interconvertible types with differing relative positions of 1 atomic nucleus, which is often hydrogen. The important thing distinction between the 2 buildings, referred to as tautomers, is the variety of electrons and protons. They’re in a situation of dynamic stability with one another.

Desmotropism is one other identify for tautomerism. Tautomerism can be recognized by the phrases kryptomerism, allotropism, and merotropy. There are numerous kinds of tautomerism, the most typical of which is keto-enol tautomerism. One tautomer happens as a ketone, whereas the opposite exists as an enol on this sort. We are going to focus on extra on this subject on this article.

Attribute Options of Tautomerism

Tautomerism has the next traits:

  • There’s a movement of atoms, that are alpha hydrogen atoms.
  • For the reason that compounds are distinct, they might be separated and remoted.
  • There are two distinct buildings in tautomeric types.
  • Tautomer compounds are in equilibrium with each other.
  • The size of the bond is unaffected by tautomerism.
  • Tautomerism doesn’t scale back the vitality of the molecules, subsequently stabilising them.
  • It may be present in each planar and non-planar compounds.

Tautomerism’s Structural Requirement

  • Polar molecules and weakly acidic purposeful teams are present in compounds.
  • It incorporates the shifting of an atom’s location.
  • It has no affect on bond size or different traits.
  • It could occur in both planar or non-planar molecules.

Kinds of Tautomerism

Emil Erlenmeyer, a physicist, devised a tautomerism rule within the Eighties. He was one of many first researchers to have a look at keto-enol Tautomerism. The hydroxyl group in all alcohols is straight away related to a double-bonded carbon atom, forming aldehydes or ketones, in response to this rule. This occurred because of the keto type’s elevated stability.


The acid-base behaviour of the molecule causes this type of tautomerism. The only real distinction between the 2 sorts is the placement of a proton. The empirical formulation and the variety of expenses would be the similar on this association.

Annular Tautomerism

An annular tautomerism is a course of wherein a proton occupies two or extra locations in a heterocyclic system. If an open construction is modified to a hoop construction because of the delocalisation of protons in tautomerism, such a tautomer is called a ring-chain tautomer. Glucose is an instance of a ring-chain tautomer.

Valence tautomerism

It’s a type of tautomerism wherein single and double bonds are repeatedly shaped and damaged within the compound with none group or atom motion. It differs from the previous type of tautomerism in that it happens rapidly.

  • There’s a shift in geometrical construction on this tautomerism, however no change in canonical resonance construction or mesomers.


Tautomerism is outlined as a type of isomerism wherein the isomers simply swap into/between each other, permitting them to coexist in equilibrium. A proton switch occurs in an intramolecular method through the course of. Contemplate the next tautomerism instance. Tautomers embrace ketone-enol, enamine and imine, and lactam-lactim, to call just a few.

  • A chemical equilibrium between the keto type (a carbonyl construction containing -hydrogen) and the enol type (a double bond subsequent to alcohol, -C=C-OH) of a substance is called keto-enol tautomerism.
  • The nitrogen counterpart of keto-enol tautomerism is imine-enamine tautomerism. A hydrogen atom trades locations with the heteroatom (oxygen or nitrogen) and the second carbon atom in each situations.


  • Tautomerism is the phenomenon of a single chemical molecule tending to exist in two or extra interconvertible types that differ by way of the placement of 1 atomic nucleus, which is often hydrogen.
  • The variety of electrons and protons within the tautomers differs.
  • Protons are transferred when a response between tautomers happens.
  • Tautomerism permits isomers to simply swap into or between each other so as to coexist in equilibrium.
  • Proton switch takes place between molecules through the course of.

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