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Top 6 Utility Apps for Android Devices!


Jun 2, 2022

Utility apps are designed to solve problems. They satisfy our functional needs by completing routine tasks like updating online records, paying the bills, booking appointments, etc. The purpose of a utility app is to save valuable time and money. 

The smartphone you carry around in your hand is the most versatile gadget you will ever own. It does everything you want. Imagine adding a bunch of excellent utility apps to that tiny handheld gadget. A simple addition would elevate the versatility of your Android device significantly. Your phone becomes smarter and faster with these tools and does everything you want quickly, saving you a ton of time, money, and resources. 

If you are an Android user, consider yourself lucky to land upon this article. We are going to tell you about the top 6 utility apps that will enhance your phone’s capabilities and help you out! Download them with the super reliable AT&T home internet and make your life easier.

Fing-Network Tools

If your internet speed is noticeably dying or your connection keeps dropping, there might be a chance that someone else is also connected to the network and consuming WiFi bandwidth or someone is stealing it without your permission. The first thing you should do is find out who else is connected to your home network and using the internet. 

Download Fing-Network Tools. It’s a handy app that manages your WiFi network with its great set of tools. With Fing-Network Tools, you can learn who’s connected to your network, why your internet is slowing down if someone’s stealing your broadband if your network is secure or hacked, and much more. 


If you have got friends, family, or colleagues living on the other side of the world, you might be well aware of the struggle of making time in different time zones. Luckily, there is an app that can help you with this. Klok lets you easily convert time and stay on time with your loved ones in different time zones. 

It’s one of the most popular utility apps for a reason. It is power-packed with tons of features that allow you to convert time instantly by tapping on a time zone, adding the most commonly used time zones, adding a Klok widget to the screen for easy access, and viewing converted time across all time zones. 

Google Translate

This is another must-have utility app on your Android smartphone. It’s a translation service powered by Google that translates up to 109 regional and global languages and performs speech translations, handwritten translations, written word translations, and a two-way conversation in real-time in 32 different languages! 

It’s integrated across multiple Google platforms like Google Assistant, Google Maps, Google Sheets, and Chrome browser. If you travel a lot, you definitely need this app on your device!

Otter Voice Meeting Notes

If you are continuously brainstorming and need to note down every thought, idea, or opinion that crosses your mind, you need Otter Voice Notes on your phone. It’s an excellent utility tool that allows you to record your conversation and transcribe it within a couple of minutes. The app is powered by AI and has a sleek interface and user-friendly design, but that’s not it. This innovative app comes with useful features like comprehensive search tools, cross-conversation speaker identification, and an in-app transcript edition. 


The point of having a utility app on your phone is to make your work more manageable. And TickTick helps you achieve exactly that. The app comes with a built-in calendar, a handy widget for easy access, a reminder to remind you of tasks on your to-do list, a habit tracker, and a Pomo Timer.

 Note down all the jumbled-up mess in your mind on TickTick and share the tasks and lists with your friends, family, and colleagues whenever you want, wherever you want!

Smart Tools

Smart Tool is a next-level innovative app that performs a wide range of measurement-related activities that involve measuring height, width, length, distance, etc. It comes with 15 different built-in tools to carry out all measurements accurately. Plus it comes with a compass, magnifier, flashlight, GPS, and unit converter!

To Wrap It Up

Powerful utility apps can transform the overall performance and productivity of your phone. You don’t need much to use these. A fast and strong internet connection powered by Mediacom is more than enough. Call Mediacom phone number to find available internet plans at your address and make your life easier one app at a time!

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