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Trending Cakes You Must Try in 2021-2022


Feb 18, 2022
Trending Cakes You Must Try in 2021-2022
Trending Cakes You Must Try in 2021-2022

Nowadays people go for beautiful designer cakes for birthdays, anniversaries, valentines or baby showers. Whatever the occasion, these cake ideas that we are going to show you below will blow your mind. Check out these charming cakes in various shapes, designs and flavors to add more joy to your special occasions

Pull Me up Cake

The first on the list is a pull me up cake. This cake has broken records as one of the trendiest cakes of 2021-22. The trend includes a decadent chocolate cake that is completely surrounded by a plastic sheet. And as you slowly pull the sheet up, there’s a blast of chocolate all around. Popularly known as ‘Pull-me-up’ cakes, this new baking trend has mesmerized people with this wonderful cake. So, for your next occasion, avail a pull-me-up online cake delivery in noida or wherever you reside.

Pinata Cake

Since the lockdown, several trends have been trending on social media and have gone viral. A ‘Pinata’ cake or ‘Smash’ is a heart-shaped cake struck with a hammer. This is the new trend of eating cake which is becoming viral on social media since Valentines. The word ‘pinata’ originally comes from Spanish, which roughly translates to ‘pot’. The tradition of ‘pinatas’ on birthdays and other celebrations can be traced back to North America. The concept of this pinata has been introduced to give an interesting twist to the simple birthday cake.

Emoticon Cake

The lockdown had made all of us stick to our phones and laptops. So, why not make it a trend with the most used emoticon cake. Customize a circular cake with any emoticon you like. You can get these cakes on any of the available flavors or a mix of two or more flavors. To avoid any last minute confusion, opt for same day cake delivery in Delhi.

Rainbow Cake

Yes, yes, this is not a new trend. Rainbow cakes have existed for decades. It may have been pushed to the background by the health-police for all the outrageous food coloring, but nothing cheers the big kid in all of us more than a bright rainbow. And cheering is what everyone needs more, not less. Rainbow Cakes, the brighter, better, are back.

Bomb Cake

Blast the bomb or cut the cake? What do you choose for the upcoming celebrations? Well, what if a cute bomb explodes only to reveal a perfectly cooked and highly flavored cake? Here’s a new delicacy – Surprise your boo with the cutest surprise ever! Now with this delicious delight you can express your love for your partner at your doorstep. With a special surprise delivery!

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Photo Cake

Yes, photo cakes are trending too and having a personalised photo on the cake makes it more interesting and adds a pinch of personal touch. If you want to order a photo cake delivery in noida for any occasion, then you must opt for a reputed online bakery. There are a wide variety of photo cake designs which give you or your near ones the advantage of liking it according to the occasion.

Five Star Cakes

These are not just cakes but an experience, a delightful experience to be enjoyed and savored till the last slice. Their lusciousness and softness are incomparable and hence, they top the list of best selling cakes. They are not just a means of adding joy to any occasion but showcasing the upper class in your tastes and preferences.

Half Cakes

Celebrating a six month anniversary or birthday is a new normal. We all need a reason to enjoy the sweet and creamy Half Cake. Available in all flavors like Chocolate, Butterscotch, Strawberry, Caramel Cake and much more. Order Half Birthday Cake online and add sparkle to your fabulous day. There are websites that offer you a wide variety of delicious cakes.

Jar Cake

Love comes in many forms and we bet it is the sweetest and tastiest! A cake at an event celebrates the happiness and love between people and makes this day special for their loved ones. What if you get happiness packed in a quirky mason jar? Wouldn’t this make for a heavenly feast?. Check out various reputed websites offering delicious jar cakes.

Happy celebrations!

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