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What are the Video Editing Courses & their Scope in India


Jan 14, 2022
What are the Video Editing Courses & their Scope in India
What are the Video Editing Courses & their Scope in India

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The process of editing, modifying, reshaping,Andre-arranging the visuals, to make the video art pleasing and convincing, is called video editing. Video and film directors edit visual media forms like soundtracks, videos, and films for the broadcast media industries. They form the foundation of any post-production process. Video editing is a rising career prospect with the Indian cinema and entertainment industry crossing all geographical boundaries.

Video editing courses will make you come face-to-face with all the shades of cutting and customizing videos, which is done through practical training. This career asks you to be a highly-imaginative person with a fair knowledge of computers. You need to be thorough with the latest technological developments as new waves of innovation are a regular in this field.

Top video editing course institutes in India

Video Editing Institute

A renowned institute, VEI Delhi is an education portal of ADMEC multimedia institute and hands out professional training in audio, film making and video editing courses along with 100% placement assistance.

Courses offered and duration:

  • Final Cut Pro- 1.5 Months
  • FCS Master- 3 Months
  • Adobe Premiere Pro- 1.5 Months
  • Adobe After Effects- 1.5 Months
  • Adobe Photoshop- 2 Months
  • Adobe Light Room- 1 Months

Mumbai Digital Films Academy

A gem in itself, MDFA was founded by Mr. Sanjib Kumar Mohpatta and is one of the biggest film academies in Mumbai. Students operate on every type of Non-Linear editing software, such as Adobe Premiere CC, Final Cut Pro7, Final Cut Pro X, Adobe After Effects,and Avid – Media Composer. They receive training on Nuendo and Pro Tools for sound and music editing, and DaVinci Resolve and Assimilate SCRATCH for colour grading and digital intermediate.

Courses offered and Duration:

  • One Year Full-Time Course in Film Direction – Weekly 5 days classes
  • Six Months Certified Course in Film Direction – Weekly 4 days classes
  • Three Months Short Term Course – Weekly 4 days classes
  • One Month Workshop Course in Film Direction – Weekly 3 days classes

Digital Academy Film School

A cinematography school of Mumbai, DAFS finds its courses and curriculum designed by the legends of the media industry.

Courses offered and duration:

  • Film and Television Editing-130 sessions of 3 hours each over 6
  • Sound recording and engineering- 30 sessions of 3 hours each over ten months

V.Prasad Film & Television Academy

Located in Bangalore, Thiruvanthapuram, and Chennai, thesecnematographyand video editing course institutes are run by Prasad group, the most famous film studio of India and Asia’s largest provider of post-production services.

Courses and Duration:

  • 1-year diploma in digital film-making
  • 1-year diploma in editing and sound design

BOFTA Blue Ocean Film and Television Academy

A renowned Chennai-based institute, BOFTA is a familiar name for acting, screenplay writing and direction, cinematography, film editing, and film production management training and video editing courses, and claims to have 25 years of experience.

Course: 1-year diploma course in digital film editing

Scope of Video editing in India

  • The field of video editing is highly competitive and has a lot of scope for employment, especially here since Bollywood releases a hefty amount of films every year.
  • One can discover an array of job opportunities not only in media houses, electronic news,and film studios but also in various production houses located all over India.
  • The advent of social media and YouTube has made things a lot easier. You can sell your video editing tutorials or make clips and video arts in thousands of styles for numerous audiences and multiple genres.

Some of the job profiles in this field are

  • Film Compositors
  • Video/Film Editors
  • Motion Graphic Artists
  • Broadcast Designers
  • Video Editing Professional
  • FCP Expert
  • FCS Professional
  • Video Producer

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