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What Is Agile Infrastructure and Why Do Small Companies Need It?


Jan 30, 2022
What Is Agile Infrastructure and Why Do Small Companies Need It?
What Is Agile Infrastructure and Why Do Small Companies Need It?


Many small companies continue to depend on legacy software systems and practices to carry on their commercial operations in the market. The entrepreneurs who control and run these corporations believe these systems still meet their specific business needs. However, most of them fail to understand that as software technology advances, the methods they use for their businesses become obsolete. As a result, they face numerous problems when their existing software platforms cannot adopt emerging business software solutions and applications. Moreover, the current software systems cannot be scalable to meet the ever-increasing expansion requirements of their businesses. The entrepreneurs should seriously consider adopting a cloud-based agile infrastructure in such a scenario.

What is agile infrastructure?

Most entrepreneurs who operate small companies do not have a clear understanding of what is agile infrastructure. Agile infrastructure is a cloud-based software platform that supports the rapid deployment, integration, configuration, and provisioning of emerging business software applications. It contains numerous in-built features and intricate hardware components which ensure continuous improvements and incremental upgrades. The cloud-based software platform is entirely different from most obsolete legacy systems in existence which tends to be:

  • Extremely expensive to operate with the emergence of new software technologies, and
  • cumbersome for the entrepreneurs to maintain.

As a result, entrepreneurs who take the initiative to implement the cloud-based agile IT infrastructure platforms improve their businesses’ growth prospects.

How do software development specialists implement agile infrastructure for small companies?

Experts specializing in software development who implement cloud-based agile IT infrastructure platforms for small companies disintegrate the project into small increments. The period they take to develop, install and deploy the agile infrastructure can take four weeks. In the implementation phase, they use working software as an indicator to assess their progress towards achieving the end goal. These specialists hold meetings every week among themselves and the enterprises they refer to as ‘’scrums’’. During the discussions, the specialists review their progress with the entrepreneurs, highlight obstacles and devise viable solutions. Moreover, they conduct pilot test runs during all the relevant phases to adapt to companies’ specific business requirements.

The key reasons why entrepreneurs of small companies need a viable cloud-based agile infrastructure for their businesses are as follows:

  • Ensures faster deployment in comparison to the traditional way of implementing legacy systems,
  • It makes room to modify the infrastructure to incorporate sudden changes whenever they occur,
  • Provides the entrepreneurs with the opportunity to offer feedback during the implementation, and
  • It gives them the chance to review the infrastructure in phases to ensure continuous improvement.

Having a good grasp of what is agile infrastructure and why it is necessary enables small entrepreneurs to improve the growth prospects of their businesses. They will have no reservations in adopting a viable cloud-based agile IT infrastructure platform for their companies. It will eventually lead them to replace the current obsolete legacy software system. However, when implementing and deploying the infrastructure, there are certain factors they should consider. The platform they choose should suit their businesses; it should be budget-friendly and compatible with their existing business solutions with success!

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