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What is the Ideal Measurement of Dessert Boxes Near Me


Jan 17, 2022
What is the Ideal Measurement of Dessert Boxes Near Me
What is the Ideal Measurement of Dessert Boxes Near Me


The word dessert is derived from the French word “desservir,” which means to clear the table. It is a common practice in almost all homes when people finish their diner or lunch. After that, they clear their table and serve the sweet dish to everyone. So basically, without dessert, especially dinner seems to be incomplete. People can make these desserts at home, or they can buy them from any shop. Different outclass bakeries are working to provide delicious desserts to their customers. Besides this, all these firms sensibly choose the packaging of these dessert boxes near me because these boxes can affect the business positively or negatively. Such packages are designed in various shapes and sizes. According to the quantity and type of desserts to be filled inside.

So, in this article, we will talk about What is the Ideal Measurement of Dessert Boxes Near Me.

Cake Boxes

Cakes are one of the favorite desserts of many people, and at large gatherings like marriage and birthday cakes are preferred. Because of their large quantity to serve a group of people at one time. The cakes come in various flavors like chocolate, blueberry, vanilla, strawberry, cheesecake, fruitcake, etc. Cakes are designed and made in different sizes like a one-tier cake, two-tier, or three cakes. The brand producing cakes also focus on its packaging, and they make dessert boxes Australia for these cakes in different sizes. The best suitable sizes for this amazing cake are:

  • An 8-inch cake box for a 6-inch cake
  • A 10-inch cake box for an 8-inch cake

The boxes are usually more extensive than the cake’s actual size so that the toppings and decorations of the cake don’t get spoilt in the way.

Doughnut Boxes

Donuts is a fried and moist dessert made of flour, sugar, flavoring, and eggs. Once the dough rises, it is ready to be fried. Once they are ready and cool down, bakers dip them in different syrups like chocolate syrup, strawberry, maple syrup, cherry sauce, etc. And the last step is garnishing with extra colorful sprinkles or chocolates to make these donuts appealing. These donuts are usually packed in transparent folding boxes to attract customers. The appropriate sizes for these custom Dessert Boxes Near Me to fill donuts gracefully are:

  • 6-inch donut box for four pieces of donuts
  • 12-inch donut box for ten pieces of donuts

Macaron Boxes

Macrons are two biscuits with a filling in between them. The filling can be either jam, vanilla or strawberry ganache, or buttercream. Nowadays, macarons are the hero of every party or family gathering. Even macrons are suitable for giving as a gift to your friends and family. They are packed in Sliding boxes with a bow on top. These boxes come in various colors and designs to enhance the overall beauty of these macarons. The best suitable sizes for these printed dessert boxes near me to put your macrons nicely are:

  • 6-inch macron box for six pieces of macrons
  • 12-inch macron box for 12 pieces of macrons

Truffle Boxes

Truffle chocolate or sweet box is a box that contains a variety of dark or regular chocolates or any other type of sweet. This box has many separations to display sweets in an elegant and classy way. Truffle boxes used by organizations are a perfect idea and trick to win the public’s hearts and rule the market. The suitable sizes for this dessert box packaging are given below:

  • 6-inch truffle box to place six pieces of chocolates
  • 12-inch truffle box to put 12 pieces of dark chocolates

Favor Box

These boxes are mostly used as a return gift at a wedding or any occasion. A favor box is a cardboard box that customers can customize according to their wishes. For example, people can fill this box with different sweets or chocolates or dry fruits. The recommended size for this dessert cardboard boxes is:

Cupcake Boxes

Cupcakes are like mini cakes of different flavors and toppings. They are also moist and delicious like cakes and topped with mouthwatering ganache or Nutella with chocolate chips and sprinkles. All the brands pack these cupcakes in different styles of dessert boxes near me. Transparent folding boxes or one-end closure boxes are best for cupcakes. There are various sizes of the box as per the number of cupcakes.

  • 1 piece of cupcake- 3.5 x 3.5 x 4″
  • 2 cupcakes- 6.75 x 3.5 x 4″
  • 4 cupcakes- 7 x 7 x 3.5″
  • 6 cupcakes- 9.5 x 7 x 3.5″
  • 12 cupcakes- 14 x 9.5 x 3.5″

The use of these dessert boxes has many advantages as well that given below:

Protect the desserts:

All the dessert boxes are made of cardboard. That is why they have the power to protect the desserts when traveling from one place to another. In addition to this, these dessert box packagings preserve the taste of sweets effectively and efficiently so that customers can enjoy the desserts of your bakery and recommend your brand to others as well.

Elevate your brand and increase its sales:

The unique designs and styles of these custom dessert boxes near me can attract customers in a fraction of seconds. When more and more people visit your shop, the sales will boost to a large extent. The pretty packaging of your dessert cardboard boxes will elevate your brand and make your brand the spotlight of the market, and as a result, your business will progress in more or less time.

Promote the brand:

Any brand can print different designs on their boxes for desserts and can select eye-catching colors for these designs. Contrary to this, one can also print the firm’s logo on these printed dessert boxes near me. This printed logo will advertise your brands and products. Slowly and steadily, your brand can earn brand recognization by spending less time and money, and it will lead your business towards success.


The perfect size for the dessert boxes is necessary to reduce wastage. As well as if brands make large boxes for small products, people will say this brand serves less quantity in more money. So always try to play with your customer’s mind and make an alternatives solution that is the perfect box size for your desserts.

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