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Which Course Is Best After 12th For Fashion Designing?


Sep 13, 2022

What is Fashion Designing?

Fashion Designing is a specialization that is concerned with understanding the fashion trends, the market conditions, the customer’s demographics and psychographics, economic scenario, socio-culture influences etc. and accordingly visualizes, ideate, conceptualize, design & create apparels and accessories such as footwear, jewellery & handbags etc. Fashion Designers either designs to target the masses or he customizes his designs as per one single client. He needs to be open to taking motivations from any and everything. He is responsible for profitability and collaborates with various departments as well as stakeholders to help manage the production process right from its concept stage to identifying the style, right colour, pattern and texture of cloth to its prototypes to check the flow of cloth to its final production and then it’s marketing and selling. 

The course that is best for Fashion Designing is the one that mentors students in the roles & responsibilities that a Fashion Designer needs to fulfill. So let’s first understand them.

Roles & responsibilities of Fashion Designer:

  • Market Research: He conducts research and analysis in order to comprehend the customer preferences, tastes, ensuing market trends & fashion styles, textures, colours, patterns, fabrics & techniques being utilized etc. Additionally, he meets other designers, attends various fashion shows as well as trade shows and manufacturers in order to not only gauge market sentiments but also to get inspiration to design a collection that will do well in future.
  • Ideation: He interacts with clients and other stakeholders to understand the brief and accordingly conceptualizes designs, themes and styling basis seasons.
  • Sketching & Designing: Basis his concepts, a fashion designer, sketches his designs on paper for preliminary discussions and approvals. Once he has the initial approval, fashion designer uses computer-aided design tools (CAD) to craft a blueprint that uses textures, colours, patterns and is acceptable to all the relevant people.
  • Selecting materials: Basis current fashion trends, client brief, customer preference, colour, texture, pattern, sustainability or durability, Fashion Designer identifies the right material (fabric) for the product
  • To ensure accuracy, he works with technical designer.
  • Producing prototypes: Once the design and materials (fabric) are approved, fashion designer develops prototype to check the dress flow & fitting etc., 
  • Marketing & Sales: Utilizing colour boards, mood boards as well as samples, he is accountable for marketing the designs to buyers. Besides this he is also involved in designing the price strategy of the entire range.
  • He networks to build & maintain relationships with buyers, vendors, suppliers and models

Fashion Designing Course:

Students must opt for a college that trains them to accomplish the responsibilities that are due for Fashion Designer. The college must ensure the following:

  • The course must endeavour to mentor students with competencies in core skills in design and fashion theory, thus enabling students in use of cutting edge technology like CLO 3D etc. along with offering sustainable design solutions. They should be equipped with knowledge about designing to pattern cutting, use of AI techniques in the industry, intricate design details to print placement so as to understand customization as per consumer needs.
  • The course must expose students to traditional Indian fabrics, surface ornamentations as well as live industry projects, thus enabling students to hone their skills.

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