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4 Reasons not to Touch or Clean Your Ear


Jan 23, 2022
4 Reasons not to Touch or Clean Your Ear
4 Reasons not to Touch or Clean Your Ear


The ears are the most sensitive parts of the human anatomy. Its hygiene requires not poke things in it, otherwise sticking cotton swabs here and there might harm your ear. Popular myths about ear and it hygiene are just myths. They are different for everybody.

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Why do we need to clean it?

Most of the time when you have a lot of earwax, it becomes itchy. When it does you find the first thing in your inventory and start scratching your ears with it, thinking you might be cleaning it but you’re not. Other times, being a music lover, you find deposits on your headphones thinking that you might have a lot of earwax in your ear, but that’s because of the response against excess use of earphones. The different deposits are part of different types of conditions and ethnicities. So, scientifically you don’t need anything to be in your ear other than what is already there.

Reasons why Ears should be left alone

The earwax buildup causes a lot of irritation that almost always makes you want to put pointy things in your ears and scratch the life out of it. However, doing that has various negative impacts on your ear health. Additionally, it’s not really necessary to put things inside the ear. Neither it’s not proved that excessive or immoderate production of earwax is a problem of hygiene.

1. Ears are sensitive, Things are harmful

You’re sitting in a car and suddenly you have an urge to scratch, you reach out for the car key or simply put fingers in your ear and scratch like a monkey. We all do that. But doing this has many risks. Even a cotton swab can end up damaging an ear canal or may reach up to the eardrum. Otherwise, the cotton swabs or things you put in your ear push the earwax further in the canal and block it. It is even harder to remove the wax now. After you’ve pushed it further, you are unsatisfied and pretty much deaf with one ear as well. At that time you got to go to a doctor or irrigate the canal. otherwise , you’re just inviting infections.

2.  You don’t need cleaning your ears

The cerumen or the earwax is there for a purpose. It’s the ears’ system of cleaning the insides of the ear from any sort of debris entered or keeping the ear canal moist. So, it is itself a self-cleaning mechanism. You don’t need any maintenance or routine of any sorts for the ears. If you insist on inserting swabs or other things to clean it, make the wax come out, you need to know that doing it is harmful. The earwax moves with the movement of your jaws, it helps the earwax to move forward from the deep. There may be exceptions where you actually treat your ear against earwax, but that’s when a special situation is at hand.

3. Earwax and hygiene

The cerumen or the earwax is an automatic hygienic phenomenon of the ear. The earwax has different purposes to be there.

  • It stops and collects any debris, dust, dirt or any foreign material that enters the ear
  • The bacteria and other harmful things that might cause infections are also stopped by it
  • The things it absorbs from lingering in the ear includes dead cells in the canal
  • And it’s a natural moisturizer that protects the canal from total dryness

4.  Different levels of earwax production isn’t healthy or unhealthy

The different types of earwax produced in a person’s ear depends mostly on their age, environment, different ethnicities and a diet factor is also included. The lot of wax being where it is, is healthy. The only exception of ceruminosis in the ear that causes trouble, which can be cured by over the counter ear drops for hardened wax or essential oils for total dryness.

The ceruminosis

Cerumen is the term medical people give to earwax. Ceruminosis is when the earwax production causes problems. It gets hardened and causes an impact to the eardrum. It’s because of irregular production, the impaction is when the ear canal is blocked after the wax hardens. It could cause earache, ringing sounds, temporary hearing loss or itching. This can be removed by over the counter ear drops and irrigation, you can have it irrigated in the shower as well, or if the problem persists and develops you need to go to a doctor.


The ears are sensitive organs. They can get hurt pretty easily if you mingle with them. Although, it gets very uncomfortable when earwax gets irregular and there is an urge to put something in your ear and satisfy yourself. But it can lead you to disastrous results. You need to let go of your ear and let it be on its own. If you think something troubles the ears see a doctor.

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