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Top Tips to Whiten Your Teeth and Flaunt a Sparkly White Smile


Jan 24, 2022
Top Tips to Whiten Your Teeth and Flaunt a Sparkly White Smile
Top Tips to Whiten Your Teeth and Flaunt a Sparkly White Smile


Aesthetics have become a very important part of our lives today be it our clothes, hairstyle, shoes, or our teeth. Everyone today wants a shiny, white smile and they are ready to try every remedy that is available on the internet. Some would visit their dentists and get peroxide treatment for teeth whitening so that they can splash a brighter smile for their next social media portfolio.

There are some teeth whitening products that can be brought over the counter or online to whiten your teeth at home. You can buy best teeth whitening strips UK from ‘The Willow Trader’ website online. These are sodium carbonate based enamel safe gelatinous strips that can whiten your teeth within 30 minutes of regular use.

Whether you want to attend a big event in a few days or you want your everyday smile to be white, you should not follow all the internet remedies as they hamper your tooth vitality in the long run. The best advice you will get is from your dentists.

Teeth whitening practices to follow

  • If you have dental implants, crowns, or fillings, you must always get your teeth whitening procedures completed in a dental clinic otherwise you might end up with different coloured teeth.
  • Visit your dentists regularly to keep away from plaque build up and to get your cavities filled.
  • Follow oral hygiene practices at home religiously by brushing and flossing your teeth twice day and using fluoridated toothpaste.
  • Use straw to drink beverages that can stain your teeth or rinse your mouth thoroughly after consumption.
  • Use only professionally recommended whitening products and follow instructions carefully to avoid blotching.

Teeth whitening practices to avoid

  • All tobacco products discolour teeth when used for a long time. They will not do any good to your health as well. So, stay away from them.
  • Do not substitute your regular toothpaste with whitening toothpaste as its silica content can cause increased sensitivity and abrasion.
  • Similarly, you should avoid frequent teeth whitening to prevent your teeth from becoming chalky or develop blue-green hue.
  • Avoid any internet based remedy or online products that are not prescribed by your dentist as they can cause more harm.
  • Avoid activated charcoal and baking soda remedies as they can abrade your teeth enamel and you might end up needing a root canal treatment.
  • Do not apply acidic substances like lemon juice on your teeth.
  • Do not use whitening products when you have cavities that have not been filled or treated by your dentists. Doing so could be painful if the whitening agents leach into the cavity.
  • Do not store whitening products where they can get damaged due to heat or direct sunlight.

Sensitivity can be experienced after certain tooth whitening and cleaning procedures. Do not panic, it is not going to last forever. You can ask your dentists for products that can reduce sensitivity and pain to a certain extent. You can also use anti-sensitive toothpaste for a short period of time post procedure.

Stay healthy, avoid harmful tobacco products, and smile bright!

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