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Analysis and Comparison between Free File Converters


Feb 23, 2022
Analysis and Comparison between Free File Converters
Analysis and Comparison between Free File Converters

As contemporary workers that utilize aspects related to business-related file exchanges, we spent a lot of time testing and reviewing certain file converters on the web, to find one that is suitable and performs reliably. We scouted many and spent a lot of time on some of the most prominent “free searches” we found on search engines. So we dug deeper and came across a relatively new free file converter called “fileconverter.digital” which performed really well compared to its contemporaries the most famous one and by far the most trusted, is zamzar, the issue we had was the “max file size” which was very restrictive and you will need to pay to get the luxury to be free from upload size restrictions. We also tested free ones that were also unlimited. We will go into depth, and first discuss their basic uses and then compare free ones with other free converters, we will mostly be looking at the aforementioned fileconverter.digital and see it performs. But before we begin, we are going to briefly explain the uses of file converters within a detailed summary.

File converters, fast and effective way to converting files online

Free file converter as evident by the name alone, convert files, image files, video files, doc, and image-based file formats. These are also available software based, online ones have gained more reasonable tractions due to internet speeds and file sizes, typically if you’re doing average conversions, doing them online is incredibly reliable. Ideally, you would want to find a converter that is mostly unrestrictive as it’s less of a hassle if any of your single file sizes may exceed their placed upload limit. It’s also generally very efficient and convenient overall due to the accessibility of them, however, we want to further evaluate what we found fileconverter.digital offered compared to other free converters in terms of effectiveness, ability, and consistency, we will go over some points and make direct comparisons on why we would select it for use over other free converters we tested.

Free, stable performance at no cost (unlimited conversions)

As I iterated before, free software is very prevalent but free software that works, well, isn’t. Not only is it completely free of cost it has no restrictions or even cooldowns (as if we found in some cases even with free converters) so there is no cost and there are no notable restrictions concerning uploads. Furthermore, on the topic of being free, it’s also unlimited, so if you are converting a handful of batches of files this gives it an edge over other free converters that place caps or limit uploads for specific periods. We also found consistency no matter the file types we converted using their website and it performed extremely adequately and sufficiently. Free conversions, and also unlimited, so if you’re looking for good conversions at no cost then fileconverter.digital is a great and easy way.

Secure, concerns related to data theft/third party access

This was one of the most important aspects we wanted to provide some insight on. There are lots of free converters, many, some hidden, some right on the forefront. It’s extremely important to see how those converters handle their conversions, server-side or browser end (on client end) if it is the former, they can have direct access to backends/logs of anything being converted on their website so they can easily snoop your data. Fileconverter.digital handles them on the browser end this means it’s done entirely on the client’s browser-side with no records kept. It is very important, again, to see how these websites handle their conversions as you don’t want to be converting business or sensitive files on those websites. Furthermore, we would still encourage precaution when converting sensitive or important data online, measures to safeguard yourself online through safe browsing habits is also an important factor. 

Summary. Performance, reliability, and efficiency

From all the tests we performed fileconverter.digital performed consistently no matter the file type, with a selection of over 90 plus format, you won’t be limited in terms of accessibility, you’ll easily be able to find formats you want to convert either basic and some complex file formats. All file types converted fairly well with little conversion loss. All in all, it’s a website we would recommend primarily on all the advantages we’ve inspected. It performs fast, free, unlimited, and most importantly, it works and it works well. Also secure with no server-based conversions so data converted through the website is done entirely on the browser end. In such a saturated environment where free converters have become so prominent, it’s incredible to find that performed with such consistency, convert large batches or even single file conversions for simple needs, it performs flawlessly.

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