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Choosing upholstery fabric: factors to consider


Jan 16, 2022


When it comes to buying upholstered furniture, the first thing that comes to mind is usually what color to choose. It’s usually the most important consideration when it comes to fabric selection. While color is significant, there are other things to consider as well.


Fabric durability is important for a variety of reasons, including the type of furniture, the location in which it is used, and personal factors such as if children or pets live in the house. Those issues should be reflected in your fabric choosing.


Choose a fabric that goes with both the furnishings and your home’s interior decor.

The cloth you choose should complement the style and character of the thing you’re covering. A traditional cloth, for example, is a good choice for a traditional-style frame. Take it or leave it depending on your style and ability to combine two seemingly disparate styles. This method gives your place a unique feel. A geometric design on a wing-back chair is an example of an unexpected decision. This version looks best in a modern environment, with the wing-back chair acting as an accent so that the print blends in with the rest of the decor.

Some fabrics appear to be more casual than others. Choose a fabric that complements your personal style as well as the atmosphere of the room’s decor.

Take into account the pattern’s scale. It should fit the size of the furniture it covers as well as the size of the room. In a larger area, a large dramatic pattern may be desirable, yet in a smaller space, a more subdued or smaller pattern may be better.


When selecting furniture, the color of the fabric is frequently the first thing you consider, and it has a huge impact on your design, especially if the furniture piece is a giant sofa that dominates the space.

Make sure the color you choose is one you can enjoy for a long time. For example, in a smaller area, it may be better to avoid a particularly vivid hue, especially if your sofa is likewise huge. Neutrals are the most secure option because they tend to satisfy over time.

If you have children or pets, stay away from finely colored materials.

Consider the color temperature to set the correct mood. Warm and cold colors have an impact on the mood of a room, therefore this should be considered while making a decision. Unless you enjoy trendy hues, stay away from them. Long before the sofa or chair needs to be reupholstered, they can appear dated.

Standing out vs. blending in

It will be easier to choose proper upholstery fabrics if you look at the current decor in the space and decide if you want to mix the new fabric in with the existing color palette or have it stand out more.

Do you want upholstery fabrics with chilly undertones that blends in with gray walls? Consider a gentle blue or mint green color scheme. Need something a little more daring? Choose a pattern with a variety of terra cotta or citron tones as the background.


It’s no surprise that many of our clients are concerned about the fabric’s cleanability. Although most upholstery fabrics encourage dry-cleaning, we prefer CRYPTON fabrics if you have children, dogs, or untidy friends or family.

You can easily wipe up a glass of red wine that has been spilled on the fabric. Paw prints, crayons, ink, and other debris can all be readily removed. There’s also a package for stains that are particularly tough to get rid of. Other manufacturers who produce high-performance fabrics similar to Crypton are also available.

Specific Considerations

Before you make a decision on furniture upholstery, there are a few other things to consider. Because the environment in which you’ll be placing your couch is important, these factors must be taken into consideration. Is there any wetness in your room or does it get a lot of sun? Do you have any pets who share your furniture? Is there anyone who has allergies?

Fade resistance: If it will be placed in a room with a lot of sunlight or close to a window, this factor is critical.

Mildew resistance: If you live in a humid region, look for fabric that is mildew resistant.

Allergies: Because it is lint-free and does not attract dust, consider fabric such as microfiber for specific allergies.

Pets: Avoid using delicate fabrics like silk or any fabric with a lot of texture if you have pets. Instead, choose upholstery fabrics that is pet-friendly.

Know the types of upholstery fabrics

As you can see, a lot goes into choosing the perfect upholstery fabrics, but if you follow the instructions above, what may seem daunting at first can turn out to be something well worth the time and work. When it comes to upholstery fabrics, you have a lot of options. When choosing upholstery fabrics for your home, think about these five crucial factors in addition to how you live and who will be using the piece with the new fabric.

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