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Different Ways to Keep The Romance Burning In Your Married Life


Jan 29, 2022


Marriage is a beautiful relationship which is meant to be forever. Two souls promise to be each other’s support for the rest of their lives and to start a family together. And love acts as the concrete for the building of married life. But as life moves forward, the element of romance finds itself a seat on the last row.

You should make your efforts to pull the romance from the back row to the front. Here we have some lovely ways that will surely help you to do so and to rejuvenate your married life like you are a newly married couple.

Keep The Date Nights Alive

Life throws many different responsibilities as you move forward in your married life which leads to less time available for spending together. But that’s what you need to work on. Remember the fresh days of your marriage when you both had outings together? That’s what you need now. Do not let your busy schedule and stressful responsibilities take that lovely private time from you. Make your plans and start going on date nights with your spouse. It could be on Sundays once or twice a month if your schedule is extremely hectic and tight. Pick the restaurants together or let your spouse decide where to go.

Little Gestures To Make Your Partner Smile

Do you know that the little things make the base of a relationship stronger? You might not be able to do big things for your partner, but you can still do the magic with your very little gestures. And it is well-known that if you can make your partner smile, then your relationship will always bloom with love and romance. Husbands can surprise their wives by making a bed tea or breakfast on a random day and can put in their efforts to help their wives in household chores. Wives can treat their husbands with their favourite food or by allowing them to have a night out with their friends. Believe us, the happiness that generates from the little things every now and then, always result in a love-stuffed relationship.

Surprise Gifts On Special Occasions & On A Random Day

You might be thinking that surprises on special occasions is not a new thing and you are absolutely right. But, if you are married for more than fifteen or twenty years, then ask yourself do you really surprise your partner on all the special occasions. The aspect of surprises survives for only a few years in most marriages. And if that’s the case with your case too, then it’s time to rotate the wheel again. And if there is no special occasion any soon then pick any random day to flabbergast your soulmate with a surprise gift. Make your partner smile wide as soon as you reach home from work or when you both are about to sleep.

Celebrate Your Anniversary

We are not talking about the simple anniversary celebrations. Going out on a dinner with your family isn’t the thing that can fuel the fire of romance and love. To get something special, you need to do something special. You can make arrangements for your second honeymoon, or you can decorate your bedroom to tickle the heart of your better half. Love is an extraordinary feeling, and hence your efforts need to be extraordinary. Apart from cutting a cake on the eve of your wedding anniversary day, choose to surprise your husband/wife with midnight cake delivery in Pondicherry or wherever you live. Imagine the smile on your partner’s face after receiving the special on the very minute when your wedding day starts.

Start Learning Something New Together

One of the essential things in relation is to spend some quality time together. In married life, spending time together starts limiting to family meetings and having dinner together. One thing that you can do to spend time together is to start learning something new together. It could be a dance class or a foreign language class or something else that interests you both. Doing this will surely provide you with both some quality and you will also have something new to talk and discuss about.

Have A Happy Married Life Forever!

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