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Efficient Ways to Improve Student Writing


Jan 19, 2022


Writing is the main basis of communication for all as the purpose is to inform, explain, and entertain. Apart from improving communication skills, writing also sharpens creativity and imagination and improves critical thinking skills. Felicity Stone Toronto uses these ways to improve writing skills.

To make your writing smooth, chalk out a plan and construct a well-structured and cohesive essay. It will also make your work faster and easier. Besides making an outline, what else is required to improve writing?

Five Efficient Ways to Improve Student Writing

Here are five of the most efficient ways to boost student writing.

1. Have A Grip On Basics

Needless to say, basic rules of grammar and spelling are the essence of good writing. If you master the basics, you can produce great phrases, and they will come naturally to you. So, begin your student writing by holding on to the basics and expressing clearly.

2. Read, Analyze & Imitate

Reading others’ work more often influence your writing abilities in general. Rather than learning language and grammar, improve your reading skills. Constructively analyze how the writer has constructed their structures. Observe what those powerful words that kept you continue reading are. Try to imitate your favorite writers or experts whom you admire.

3. Practice Writing More Often

The best tip to improve your student writing is writing, writing, and writing. Since no one is born a good writer and it’s the practice that makes a man perfect. Please sit down, learn to write well, know your weakness and work on them. Just keep on writing regardless of what you are writing.

4. Avoid Complex Phrases and Jargons

Often, people think that the use of deep words yields good writing. But this is not true since forcing complex words might sometimes make your writing look unnatural. Writing sophisticated English is not bad, yet complex language makes it difficult to comprehend for less proficient readers. So, stick to the words that you know. It will also prevent you from misusing the words or the writer from misunderstanding. Just use complex structures when surely necessary.

5. Edit Your Draft Again

After you have completed your writing task, always edit, and revise it. No draft looks perfect, and there is always room for any mistakes. So, it’s better to re-read and ensure any errors which will polish your writing as a beginner.

How To Write Simple Yet Authoritative?

In schools, students are likely to write complex grammatical structures to gain scores. However, when writing up research, you need to be clear and simple in your words. Don’t forget to read more about Felicity Stone Toronto to improve your simple and authoritative writing. To make it easier, you can use these strategies to write simple things in complicated ways without compromising your ideas.

  • Stick to simpler words and phrases.
  • Avoid using many negative words in a sentence.
  • Try to write shorter sentences with less than 25 words in a sentence.
  • Avoid prepositional phrases to overcome wordy sentences.


If you want to master student writing, you need to master the language basics with a lot of patience. Make a plan to start today and start reading your favorite authors to observe keenly. Imitate their ways of writing and then apply them to your writing. Practice more often and revise your draft for any mistakes. Be clear, concise, complete, concrete, and clear in your words.

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