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Essential Tips to Write a Descriptive Essay


Jan 16, 2022


Essays have so many different genres. One of those genres is Descriptive Essay.

Unlike a narrative essay that is mainly focused on revealing the meaning of the story, a descriptive essay gives vivid and descriptive information on a topic, object, person, place, experience, emotion, situation, etc. It is a perfect example of descriptive writing. It also gives students artistic freedom, meaning students can use their creativity freely to describe something. This improves the writing skills of students. And so it is the best form of essay writing

To write an effective descriptive essay, students need to follow some essential rules and tips. We have compiled those rules and tips in the below-mentioned segments. Let’s take a look at those tips.

Choosing the Right Topic

Selecting a topic for your descriptive essay is the first and foremost task you have to do. Before selecting it, make sure your topic must be:

Interesting for both you and potential readers of your descriptive essay

Intriguing enough to attract the people and keeping them engaged throughout the essay

Related to the present scenario

Easy to understand

Enjoyable for you as a writer

These above-mentioned points are very important with the perspective of forming the base of your descriptive essay. These are pointed by some of the best essay writing services UK. So, don’t forget to consider these points while selecting a topic for your essay.

Do a Proper Research to Gather Credible Information on the Topic

You must have detailed knowledge and understanding of the topic before writing on it. And for that, you have to do proper research. Today, fortunately, we all have access to the internet and we can make full use of it. So, you can also use the internet to know detailed information about the topic. Search for news stories, fact-based information, research papers, surveys, and articles from trusted sources. This will surely help you understand the topic rightly and deeply.

Create an Outline

Before getting started to write your descriptive essay, don’t forget to create an outline. It is crucial with the perspective of keeping your essay in the shape to the end. To create an outline of your essay, you need to list the brief information under every heading and subheading you are going to use in your essay. Also, prepare the format of the essay and keep it the same to the end. This would help you a lot to rightly write your essay.

Write to The Point

Descriptive writing style allows writers some kind of freedom to be artistic and creative while writing the essay, but it doesn’t mean that you can write anything. It is not allowed. You have to stick to the point while writing a descriptive essay. But yes, you have some freedom to be creative and artistic in your writing style.

Concluding the Essay on a High Note

Lastly, make sure you conclude your essay on high. Generally, students give a decent or boring end to a descriptive essay which decreases the impact at the end. So, make sure you end up with your essay on a high note. Keep the things interesting and engaging to the end and try to end up with sharing some unique fact-based information about the topic.


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