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Study Tips in General Surgery Test Preparation


Jan 15, 2022
Study Tips in General Surgery Test Preparation
Study Tips in General Surgery Test Preparation


General surgery is broad and entails many subunits. For this reason, it is essential to prepare early enough while taking a general surgery test. While some students wait until the last minute to cram everything, this is not the most effective technique as one may forget most things.

Ensure that you write down the examination timetable and come up with a plan for your study. This helps with time management. Then find a balance between the topics depending on how comfortable you are with them.

Study tips for your general surgery test prep include;

Organize Your Study Area;

It is said that your environment influences the result. Therefore, it is crucial to get a study area where you feel comfortable and is well organized. Ensure there is enough space, adequate lighting, and a good comfortable chair to avoid straining. Make sure that your study space is pleasant so you can fully concentrate. Avoid anything that can cause a distraction while studying

Make Use of Past Papers

Here is one of the most effective tools used in general surgery test preparation. It helps one understand how questions are structured and the most appropriate way of answering the questions. These can be found on the internet, lecturers, and your colleagues.

Organize Group Discussions 

During group discussions, you can help answer colleague’s questions and vice versa. This way, you can quickly identify your knowledge gaps and plan how to fill them. They also help in understanding difficult concepts. During discussions, challenging ideas become clear as others help you identify how best to tackle them. Most importantly, have a plan and a time limit to avoid veering off from the groups’ purpose during the discussion.

Write Down Everything You Know

At the beginning of every topic, write down everything you know and then highlight what you don’t know. This helps you to understand what to focus on during your general surgery test preparation. Use diagrams, listen to audios, or watch videos on YouTube to help in clarification. All these assist in recalling anything you know while taking the test.

Get Regular Breaks

Experts emphasize that regular short breaks are more efficient than doing long hours of a task without breaks. Avoid forcing yourself to study while feeling sleepy or feeling inactive, as these can make you feel exhausted. Take a short walk, dance to your favourite song, or even have your favourite snack during your break.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

You can easily undermine the importance of a healthy diet when preparing for exams. It is essential to understand that your diet equals energy levels. Therefore, it is vital to maintain a healthy diet as this has been proven to help in memory and concentration. Avoid junk and always keep your body well hydrated.


Preparation for your general surgery test can be stressful but having a useful study guide reduces the burden significantly. How you go about it determines the result; hence it is essential to prepare adequately and efficiently.

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