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How to Clone an Android Phone?


Feb 17, 2022
How to Clone an Android Phone?
How to Clone an Android Phone?

The android devices are the most widely used smartphones all around the globe. More than 86% of the smartphones that exist over the planet are running with the android operating system.

The phones are used by individuals of all age groups that include professionals and kids as well. Alongside the significance and convenience that is posed with the usage of android devices, there are a few concerns that are also on the cards that are needed to be addressed.

For the purpose of addressing these concerns, the ultimate solution is the use of a spy app that can clone an android phone without any hassle. Let’s narrow down the discussion to get a clear view.

The threats for the kids and families

Kids are excessively bullied and harassed by cybercriminals nowadays. The criminals contact them to gain personal monetary benefits that include efforts to get financial credentials of the parents of the kids.

These credentials are then used by the criminals for purchases and other personal activities.

Moreover, social media is considered as the most vital source of harassment and cyberbullying activities with the kids, the said activity impacts the overall quality of life of the kids and their social and moral standing as well.

Besides the mentioned aspects, the involvement of the kids in viewing inappropriate and adult content adds to the worries of the parents. Thus, the parents look to find an efficient solution that can clone an android phone of the kid.

The threats for the business

Business owners these days find it difficult to keep a watch on the activities of their employees. This is because the employees nowadays have access to the internet and cell phones, the more common of them are android devices, so using these devices, the employees remain involved in unproductive activities that seriously harm the overall performance of the business.

It is a well-established fact that employee performance is the most vital indicator of job performance.

Besides this, the threats of cyber-attacks on business devices are emerging. An increasing number of businesses are getting impacted by such attacks. The cybercriminals find way into the official android devices through the negligent use of such devices by the employees.

So, the employers perceive that the only solution to negate such kinds of issues is to clone an android phone so that all the activities of the employees can be tracked.

The solution to clone an android device

The best solution to clone an android phone is by using a cell phone monitoring app. There is a number of spy apps that seek to provide tracking. The spy app can be installed on android mobile phones without any hassle. The parents and employers only need to purchase the subscription and install the application over the target device, and they are all set to spy on target individuals. The most promising features of the spy app are discussed below.

Location tracking

The location tracking feature of the spy app tracks the real-time movement and location of the target device. The movements are recorded in the form of a log file and the log file is stored over the online dashboard.

The end-user can access the log file at any point in time without any hassle.

Geo-fencing the movement

The feature can be used to restrict the movement of the target user to certain premises. The end-user can assign allowed and forbidden areas for the target user to visit. After assigning these areas, the app generates a log of all the locations visited.

If the target user tries to go outside the allowed premises, the end-user gets notified through email.

Social media monitoring

The social media monitoring feature allows the end-user to spy on all the chats, multimedia shared, and VoIP and video calls without any hassle.

Surround recording

The surround recording features bugs the mic or front or back camera of the target user to know about the real-time surroundings of the target phone. These features help to clone an android phone.


How to clone an android phone is discussed above with key features of the app. The guide will help you to clone android devices easily.

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