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How To Stop WiFi From Turning Off Automatically on Android?


Jan 20, 2022
How To Stop WiFi From Turning Off Automatically on Android?
How To Stop WiFi From Turning Off Automatically on Android?

There are quite a lot of Android users who have talked about the same issue. That the wifi keeps turning on or off by itself on their Android device. Even, sometimes the wifi is connected to the phone and you still cannot use the internet. And to use the wifi again, you have to turn off your wifi and connect again.

Even sometimes, your android phone automatically disconnects the wifi connection. So the question is how to stop wifi from turning off automatically android?

Well, in case if you are looking for answers for wifi turning off automatically, then I am here to help you out. Today at InnovationFunda, I will be talking about a couple of methods that will help you to fix the wifi automatically turning off issue.

However, before we go ahead, I would recommend you to check your router settings. For example, in case if your router is having any sort of trouble, you are more likely to face this issue. So for this, you can simply log in to your router (use tplink login page if you are a TP-Link Router user) to check your settings.

Stop WiFi From Turning Off Automatically on Android Smartphones?

There may be many reasons why your android’s wifi keeps turning off automatically. But we don’t need to know about them to solve this error.

Let’s just go ahead and check out the simple methods to resolve this issue:

1. Close the Battery Saving Mode

One of the first things that you should do is check if the battery saving mode is enabled on your phone or not. In case if the feature is enabled, then your phone might turn off WiFi on your Android phone when not in use.

To check if the battery saving mode is enabled or not, follow these steps:

Battery Saver Turn Off to Solve Wifi automatically turning off issue
  • At first from the Settings go to Battery Settings > Power Saving Mode / Battery Optimization.
  • From here, change the settings related to the WiFi operation.
  • Then restart your device to make the settings effective.
  • After that, wait and see if you are facing the same issue again or not. 

2. Check your WiFi Settings

You should also check your WiFi settings. So go ahead and launch your WiFi settings and look for WiFi Timer or WiFi preference option.

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