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Matt Davies Concord Communities Supplies Ideas for Caring for Your African Grey Parrot


Jan 13, 2023
Matt Davies Harmony Communities Provides Tips for Caring for Your African Gray Parrot

Matt Davies Harmony Communities Provides Tips for Caring for Your African Gray Parrot



In keeping with Matt Davies Concord Communities, not like most different unique chicken pets, the African grey parrot can stay for round 60 to 80 years and turn out to be a lifelong companion. Nonetheless, that’s solely potential while you home and feed it correctly. Let’s take a look at just a few suggestions for caring on your African grey parrot.

Ideas & Methods

  1. Housing – Most African grey parrots on the pet retailer are normally hand-raised by human breeders since they’re simply 3 weeks outdated. That’s why these birds are very accustomed to human dealing with, loud noises, cages, and different parts of contemporary city life. For his or her cage, you should buy or make one from medium gauge wire with dimensions of at the least 40 inches in width, 30 inches in depth, and 65 inches in peak.

This type of pretty giant enclosure would give even the most important full-grown African grey parrot the power to maneuver round and get loads of train with out injuring themselves from the wires. It’s finest to have open-top cages with perching areas for domesticated and hand-raised birds because it offers them extra freedom and permits them to work together extra actively with you and your loved ones members.

  1. Weight loss plan – African grey parrots must be fed recent vegatables and fruits commonly together with high quality South American pellets. This will embody substances like broccoli, spinach, corn, carrots, beans, apples, and extra. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t go away the meals contained in the cage for too lengthy for the reason that micro organism and yeasts fashioned in spoiled meals could make your chicken sick.

It’s additionally vital to keep away from gadgets like avocado and lettuce. You might also present your chicken with small parts of seed combine. You’re additionally free so as to add vitamin dietary supplements to your chicken’s pellet. You’ll be able to add iodine or cuttlebone bells to meet their calcium and iodine necessities. With regards to water, it ought to at all times be accessible within the cage and must be replenished every single day. For worming, select a broad-spectrum chicken wormer each three months.

  1. Common care – It’s crucial to boost the standard of life on your African grey parrot. That may be achieved by introducing actions that these birds normally do within the wild. Foraging performs a significant position in enriching any chicken’s life since looking for meals and supplies for his or her nest is a pure intuition to them.

You will get an unlimited vary of foraging toys match on your chicken from the pet retailer to mentally stimulate your parrot. Get several types of foraging toys and cycle them each few weeks to take care of selection. You must also embody pure branches of varied shapes, sizes, and thicknesses within the birdcage. It’s finest if you will get branches from bushes of their native setting.


Matt Davies Concord Communities suggests that you simply use the above-mentioned suggestions for caring on your African grey parrot and hold it in the absolute best situation. These birds require superior upkeep and care and are normally not really useful for first-time pet house owners.

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