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Restoration after water damage | Etcbrooklyn.com


Jan 29, 2022


Residential and commercial properties face water flooding due to many reasons but most disastrous damage is done by floods due to heavy rain or storm or burst pipes. Water penetrates quickly under the floors and behind walls and causes massive damage to the structure and assets of people. Whether water damage is major or minor it is harmful for health and properties.

If the water is coming from broken pipes inside the house immediately shut off the main water valve to stop the water flow. Shut off the main electrical circuit to prevent electric shocks. Call your insurance company to report your losses and damages. Contact water damage restoration service for help for timely removal of water and mitigate the damage and prevent further damage.

Ignoring even small leaks can decrease the water pressure and create major issues like black mold and costing you more in-home repairs.

You should take quick action and call our water damage restoration company whenever your property experience water damage. Service Pros is a water damage and flood damage cleanup service, having experience of several years, helping their customers restoring their homes and businesses. Delaying the process of water damage restoration may lead to permanent property damage.

The team of professionals is expert in dealing every type or water damage. Once the team reaches your property, they make the assessment and explain you the procedure and duration of restoration which depends on the extent of damage and size of your property. After your decision, professional team starts evacuating water. The drying is done using latest equipment and technologies. All the professionals are completely trained and certified under IICRC. They are skilled in using latest tools like hygrometers, air scrubbers and injectidry system to eliminate moisture and mitigate water damage thoroughly without making any mistake.

The process of disinfection and sanitization is essential part of water damage restoration. The nature of water decides the strength of disinfectants. If water is caused by sewer backup or toilet overflow or flood or broken sewage lines, strong disinfectants are used to remove unpleasant smell, pathogens, bacteria and raw waste.

The area is evacuated by removing all furniture, carpets, electronics and household appliances along with other valuable personal belongings. Things are separated by checking which things can be salvageable and which should be discarded.

Among other valuable contents, documents, books and official papers are also damaged by water and moisture making it hard to restore them to original condition. Besides water damage, mold, mildew and microbial growth can pose health risks in addition.

The documents, photos, books, records and official papers contain valuable data and information and need restoration to their pre-damage condition. This type of restoration is quite possible using different restoring techniques. Water damaged documents are restored by drying either using vacuum freezing or desiccant air-drying techniques.

If the documents contain contaminants or chemicals, microbial disinfectant and sanitization or gamma-ray irradiation is applied too.

The professionals provide content cleaning and pack-out services to restore and sanitize your things and furniture back to original state.

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