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Roger Wolfson – How Does Creative Writing Differ from Scriptwriting


Jan 26, 2022

How Does Creative Writing Differ from Scriptwriting Posted On

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There is a lot of confusion between creative writing and scriptwriting. To a beginner, both are not the same. Creative writing refers to anything that expresses feelings, thoughts, and emotions. It is not used for conveying information. If you want to make a career in scriptwriting, it is prudent to take training in the field. You should be aware of certain fundamentals and rules when it comes to formats, choice of words, the limit of words, dialogue writing, and more.

Roger Wolfson – Know what creative writing actually means

Roger Wolfson is a well-known figure in the entertainment and political circuits in the USA. He is an eminent scriptwriter, TV writer, speechwriter, and an activist of animal rights. He has written speeches for Heads of States, Presidents of the country, and other prominent figures. He is based in Los Angeles and guides and instructs aspirants who want to embark on a career in TV writing and speech writing. He is a speaker and has delivered many famous public speeches in the USA.

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He says it is important to enroll in a good writing institute that teaches you about its nuances when it comes to scriptwriting. The entertainment industry is filled with intense competition. If you really want to make your mark in the industry, you must be prepared.

Eliminate the confusion between creative writing and scriptwriting

Creative writing refers to be any kind of writing labeled as non-fiction, fiction, or poetry. This type of writing is out of the boundaries of academic, technical, journalistic, and professional writing. The writing that falls under this category of creative writing are novels, short stories, epics, and poems. Though scripting writing is a form of creative writing, it has its unique structure of study. There are rules and formats the writer should be aware of. Creative writing is free from such rules and formats. Here, the writer gets free liberty of thought without boundaries.

Creative writing is imaginary

It can be said that creative writing is more of imagination of thoughts. These imaginary thoughts are expressed in words. Emotions and feelings rule creative writing. The piece can also be interpreted in different ways by the readers. Creative writing stems from original ideas. The piece is unique and often contemporary in nature. There is no process involved in this form of writing.

As stated by Roger Wolfson scriptwriting is more visual and auditory in nature. It is written, keeping in mind the needs of the audience. The thoughts of the author are almost nil. The writing focuses on the principal characters and their actions. There is no insight into the inner mind of the writer, who is writing the script. Creative writing was once only mistaken to be literature. It is a form of literature and has evolved largely. If you want to learn scriptwriting, make sure you go to a place where too many types of creative writing forms are not covered. Focus on scriptwriting courses only so that when you finally venture into the industry, you know the difference between the two.

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