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The Detailed Process of Admission from Your NEET Results


Jan 17, 2022
The Detailed Process of Admission from Your NEET Results
The Detailed Process of Admission from Your NEET Results


The NEET exams or the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is one of the most esteemed tests in the country. This is a test formerly known as the All India Pre-Medical Test and is an admission procedure for all the students who aspire to study in a governmental or private college in India for their medical studies. This exam requires intense preparation, and the syllabus is also pretty intense. The test can be cleared through proper preparation, and this can be done in many ways. You can join the coaching centers where they will precisely train you to have better marks in the NEET exams.

The Detailed Process of Admission from Your NEET Results

After you have passed the NEET exams, you have a great advantage, and you will be able to go on for the admission process after that. There is a detailed admission process when it comes to the medical admissions for the rank holders in the NEET examinations. Here are the few major steps of the admission process from the NEET result.

1) Result Evaluation: The result of the NEET is exam is the main aspect of the admission process, and the evaluation is very important.

2) Counseling Fee Payment: After the results, if you make the cutoff marks then you are supposed to pay for the counseling fee and then go for the counseling.

3) Counseling: The counseling of the admission process is conducted on behalf of the Medical Counselling Committee (MCC) and is done by the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS).

4) Display of Seats: Then again you will have the display of the seat matrix, and you can decide as to which college you want to prefer for your education as per your eligibility to the colleges by your marks.

5) Registration and Choice Consideration: You will then have to register for the counseling and then you will also be able to present your choice of college. Your choice of college also has an impact when it comes to admission.

6) The result of the Allotments: Then you will receive the results of the college allotments. These are not the final results as you can go for the quotas and if lucky you may also have the transfer for seat vacancy.

7) Reporting of the Allotted Colleges: You are then supposed to report for the college that you are allotted for and there the admission procedure is supposed to go on. There is another set of counseling that is conducted in the college.

8) Vacant Seat Transfers: The vacant seats are rounded up, and the transfer is then done accordingly, and if you are near eligible for a college where you didn’t get a chance, and you had given that college as your preference then there is a chance that you will get that college.

9) Consideration of the Quotas: The documentation and the SC, ST and OBC quotas are all taken into consideration. This is another important part of the admission.

10) Documentation and Admission: In the end, the college admission process starts, and the documentation and the rest are done as a result of this process.

These are the various steps that you should take to get to the best colleges after the results of your NEET examinations. You do get a chance to let know the college of your preference, but then again the results of your exams do the main job in the allotment of your college. This is of great advantage, and you can get great benefits from the counseling process as well. If you are eligible for any quota like the SC, ST or OBC, then it is even better for you, and there are higher chances that you will be able to get into your preferred college. The counseling also has a lot to do with the college allotment process. If you are lucky, then you can also get transfers for vacant seats in better colleges. This is thus the entire admission process after the results to your NEET exams.

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