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What are the Qualities of an Effective Leader?


Jan 19, 2022


If you’re a manager or CEO, or even a business owner, it’s to be expected that you are the leader of a team or teams of employees that look towards you for guidance. If you want to be an effective leader, you must have good leadership qualities.

A successful leader possesses distinct, essential, and visionary attributes. He struggles to transform his “vision” into reality. Moreover, effective leaders encourage others to act upon actions and establish a path for success in the future. They also show positive behaviors regularly to enhance the positive effects of these characteristics.

We have gathered the six qualities that every effective leader possesses.

Effective Communicators

Great leaders have effective communications skills. They can clearly and concisely present the issues and solutions to their subordinates. They can communicate in many different ways, from sharing information to motivating other team members.

Fahim Moledina is a perfect example in this regard. Because of his effective communication skills, he is now a great leader and a professional consultant.

Additionally, leaders know when to speak and when to listen. They can communicate effectively at multiple levels, one-on-one or to the department, or even the entire staff via email, phone, or social media.


Confidence is a leadership attribute that almost every good leader possesses. These leaders can make difficult decisions and lead their subordinates with confidence. Also, one of the main reasons behind Fahim Moledina’s success is his ability to maintain his confidence. Since they are confident, they can encourage and inspire others to create open communications and promote teamwork.

Decision Makers

Every day, leaders face many problems that demand proficient decision-making abilities. To be an effective leader, you must make quick, tough decisions with limited information. Effective leaders know how to turn difficulties into opportunities with their decision-making skills.

Alongside that, leaders who have confidence in their decisions can make them right, even if the situation is challenging. When they face a difficult decision, they first determine what they want to achieve.

Thus, whenever making a decision, think about the possible outcomes of that decision and the alternatives available. Being a solid and confident decision-maker can help you take advantage of opportunities and earn admiration from your colleagues.

Long-term Thinkers

Effective leaders are visionaries. It is the characteristic of leadership that helps them plan for the future using specific and quantifiable goals. They recognize the importance of constant change and are always willing to try innovative approaches to tackle their issues.


A leader’s positive attitude can help increase morale and encourage a healthy environment for employees. Moreover, leaders need to have a positive attitude throughout their day-to-day activities.

When employees see them as positive, they’re more likely to remain positive. Leaders must struggle to inspire others with their positive attitude.

Emotional Intelligence

Good leaders usually have more authority and influence, but how can they enhance it? They accomplish this through emotionally connecting with people. This is the place where emotional intelligence comes in. Leaders with emotional intelligence can manage their emotions and prevent negative emotions from impacting their decision-making abilities. In turn, leaders are more likely not to make rash decisions. Also, emotionally intelligent leaders are excellent at recognizing emotions and are concerned about the feelings of others.

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